Things Just Gets More Complicated

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was rejected by UBD to take my choice major; Pharmacy. I know the reason I failed is because I sucked at my interview. Like, so bad.

But here’s the thing. Back then, when we were in the middle of applying for universities, we were told to apply through two applications; OASys (UBD admission application) and HECAS (Local Universities and Scholarship Application). I MADE A MISTAKE. First, I submittted my OASys application earlier where I put Pharmacy as my 1st choice and Biomedical Science as my 2nd choice. And I did the same thing for HECAS. But then, at the last minute, my parent and I decided on applying for scholarship so I changed my HECAS choices; Scholarship 1st choice and Pharmacy 2nd choice, and SUBMIT. So shit happened. But I got emails to do interview for both Pharmacy and Biomedical Science. And then I fucked my interview for Pharmacy but I’m pretty sure I did well on Biomedical Science interview.

Now, the thing is… which major should I appeal for? I kinda want to appeal for Biomedical Science but I’m not confident if my situation can be accepted. If I appeal for Pharmacy, I’m not confident if they will consider me. What am I gonna do now? Studying is the only thing I’m good at. What if I don’t get in to both local uni and overseas? It’s the end of me. I never dream my future would be a failure like this…

I’m out, bye.


I Got Rejected

Oh my. What a title!

Yes dear, I got rejected. Can my life get any worse! I’m talking about rejection to get into local uni, UBD for Pharm, fyi. Tbh, I’m not really that sad myself because my priority is getting into overseas uni, which I already got unconditional offer letters from UK universities, but yeah. What if I don’t get the scholarship to go overseas? I need the local uni to be my backup plan, duh. Let’s just hope for miracle…. I guess.


I’m out, bye!