Yum or Not?

I just got back from “so-called’ Hi Tea with my sisters and aunt. Here’s my order…

Hazelnut Latte.
This is my second time trying Hazelnut Latte. I think the place where I taste Hazelnut Latte for the first time is better. I love those cookies though 🙂

Aglio Olio Seabass.
I’m not expecting a fish there, hahaha. I’m actually a fan of Aglio Olio. But this one was just… tasteless. But I ate it anyway. Secret Recipe and Pastamania served the best Aglio Olio, fyi.

Strawberry Tall Cake.
My dessert. Just a simple cake. I give it a 4/5, just because I feel like eating strawberry that time…

Anyway, I sure ate a lot for a “Hi-Tea”…

After all the eating, I’m feeling dehydrated. I’m like… I need to go home, asap, thirsty, thirsty.

I’m out, bye!