Hi! So. Good news. News that I’ve been waiting for. That is a call from MOE loan. Alhamdulillah. I got a call yesterday actually. Yesterday, I was hoping they call me but then at the same time I hope they don’t.

I am quite busy yesterday. I went to make my license and breakfast out with my dad. And then I have eye appointment in the afternoon. So you know, I was thinking, if I got the call, I won’t have a lot of time to prepare. But at the same time, around 11:30 onwards, I kept on looking at my phone, looking at the time, “no calls yet?”. And then around 11:50, when I was playing UNO on my phone, 2****** appears! I immediately knew it was them and i swipe my phone just a second after that. Like, so fast. They must’ve been surprised that I answer their call so fast.

After the call, I’m like Alhamdulillah. And then, SHIT SHIT SHIT I HAVEN’T PREPARED. I know, the irony. I’m gonna share how my interview went in my next post.

I’m out, bye!


Haven’t Receive Any Calls Yet.

I’ve been waiting for the MOE loan to call me for like… about 4 months, now. And guess what?! My friend got called and she’s been waiting for only A MONTH! I feel really, really unfair.

So, I waited for my turn to get the call. Everyday I wake up, I always look at my phone for a call. Well, I know it’s been only 2 days now but, I believed there is already 2 interview sessions held. I don’t know. I’m afraid it’ll just stop to only 2 groups. And tomorrow will be Friday, and MOE closed so they won’t call for an interview. And on Saturday, they won’t call because the day after that is Sunday. And the next Monday will be Raya Holiday which I bet the staffs will be on their holiday too and I bet this whole thing will just stop at 2 groups!!

Yes, I can see what I’m missing and it can be the reason if they reject me. And that is my chosen course, Actuarial Science. It is not listed as courses offered by MOE Loan. But according to a career counselor, they have been sending a few students taking Actuarial Science for the past few years. Well, I admit there are lots of changes have been made in 2017 on the courses offered by Scholarship section. But that’s Scholarship section! It won’t affect the MOE Loan. Right?

I’m so depressed. I just want to know if I’m still in the waiting list or if I got rejected. I don’t want to wait. I can’t prepare for the interview because I’m afraid I get my hopes high but later knowing that I don’t get in.

I’m in pain.

I’m out. so, bye.