The Interview

Sorry that it took me quite some time to post this.

It’s been 2 weeks after that interview. I figure out, I’m gonna leave out the details. I kinda remember 90% of our conversation and so it’ll be too long if I talk about it. So I just gonna tell you how it went.

It went ‘OK’, I guess? It’s 50-50. I can’t say it went smoothly. One is because there’s this one question where we were given arguments to talk about, and at that time I can’t think of anything else! So I end up blurting nonsense and repeat my ‘i can only think of’ point. It’s just, horrible! I understand if the interviewer gave me 0 marks on it. Second is that, I ‘accidentally’, have to made up a story where I included how my siblings were only until HND (true though) and I feel like I made it sound like it’s a bad thing. I just wanna state that my parents would like me to study and at least have a good degree level and end up working for the government (ha fake af). I kinda feel I made a bad impression on them by this. Another thing, for most of the questions, I can only think of one point. I did elaborate on it but then I will repeat on it again. You know, repeating shit.

Why I might get chosen is because one, we had quite a fun time. We laughed a lot. And this results in me talking ‘almost’ informal to them. And this makes me look unprofessional. Another thing is because of the MIB part. I think I did pretty well there. (Damn, it took me 3 hours studying about that). Third. *Sigh*. They don’t know what my course is and the profession so well. So even when I need to explain to them they just ‘ok. ok’. I did saw them noting some of my explanation though.

And yeah. That’s my story. At the time I post this, the results is not yet out. It might be tomorrow or the day after that. Basically the waiting will be starting tomorrow onwards… I’m hoping it’ll be tomorrow. I’m so hype to know my results. To be honest, in my mind right now, I say, I’ll make it. But at the same time I did prepare for the worst scenario by focusing on UBD stuffs too. But reading back my review on my interview, I think.. I might not get in. *Sigh*

I’m out.



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