Hi! So. Good news. News that I’ve been waiting for. That is a call from MOE loan. Alhamdulillah. I got a call yesterday actually. Yesterday, I was hoping they call me but then at the same time I hope they don’t.

I am quite busy yesterday. I went to make my license and breakfast out with my dad. And then I have eye appointment in the afternoon. So you know, I was thinking, if I got the call, I won’t have a lot of time to prepare. But at the same time, around 11:30 onwards, I kept on looking at my phone, looking at the time, “no calls yet?”. And then around 11:50, when I was playing UNO on my phone, 2****** appears! I immediately knew it was them and i swipe my phone just a second after that. Like, so fast. They must’ve been surprised that I answer their call so fast.

After the call, I’m like Alhamdulillah. And then, SHIT SHIT SHIT I HAVEN’T PREPARED. I know, the irony. I’m gonna share how my interview went in my next post.

I’m out, bye!


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